The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Fred Barthmus, Nancy Stuart, Shirley Deeter, Nancy Marsh, Sheldon Busansky and Jean Amuso

 The following member was absent: William Stanley

 The following staff member attended: Joseph McAuliffe

 The following guests attended: None

 The following agenda items were discussed:

 1.  Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Bill reminded the members of the Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on June 7.

 2.  Approval of minutes: Jean moved that the May minutes be approved as changed. Shirley seconded. The motion carried 8-0.

 3. Subcommittee Reports:

 Jean reported she has three new elective courses in the work. Her committee plans to meet to review the Spring course evaluations. Fred remarked that he had trouble isolating individual course evaluations. Will had the same problem. Fred will discuss this issue with Ara and email the results to the committee members. Nancy Marsh feels we should be looking for trends in evaluations, not focusing on individual instructors. Bill agreed that, since our instructors are volunteers, we should be discrete when dealing with instructor issues. Fred will incorporate a discussion of evaluation trends into his New Instructor Orientation. All agreed that if Joseph is receiving calls from students regarding class problems, he should pass the information on to the appropriate subcommittee chair.

 Nancy Marsh reported a new course on EXCEL for Mac will be taught by Bruce Snyder who is finalizing the course manual. There will be full slate of Mac courses in the fall. Nancy is doing an email blast to all Mac students to inform them of the upcoming course offerings. She has submitted for approval a Mac Special Interest Group similar to SNUG. The suggested name is Mac Reaching OLLI Seniors (MACROS),

Fred reported the sad news of the passing of the yoga instructor, Sara Devi, and the termination of her facility as a teaching venue. A replacement instructor has been found. Fred has been piggybacking his New Instructor Orientation on the New Volunteer Orientation, He would like to split off.   A suggestion to present the instructor orientation with a lunch funded by OLLI, was well received by committee members. This proposal will be presented to Ara.

Sheldon is recruiting a retired professor to teach a health course. Bill suggested Sheldon have lunch with Jack Robison who has an abundance of information regarding science faculty prospects Sheldon will arrange to meet with Jack.

 Shirley has already filled the summer PowerPoint class and the EXCEL class is filling fast. There is an effort to divide computer courses into three categories, Windows, Mac and Cross platform. A Genealogy course is being developed. Shirley and other members discussed the issue of students enrolling in advanced compute courses without the proper prerequisites. It was agreed that this is a problem but is improving over time.

 4. Discussion Items

Coordinator Reports: Joseph distributed the Combat Report for the summer term. Registration is going well. He also distributed the Fall Grid which listed over fifty Arts and Science courses.

 Board retreat: Scheduled for June 13. There are three new board members

 Leadership and Succession Planning Projects: A preliminary list of possible leaders is being developed. There is a piece in the summer Evergreen announcing the project. The staff is seeking new blood rather than select from the existing committee and subcommittee leaders. The Strategic Planning Committee may take the lead in this project.

 Membership Survey: The data has not yet been fully analyzed. The results of the survey are published in the USF-0OLLI Annual Report which Nancy Marsh distributed to the committee members. Nancy Stuart stated that the report was available on line. Bill suggested the committee members study the survey results as a guide to where venues should be located. He feels we need more venues in the northern zip codes.

 Renaissance Program: Committee members suggested we should have information regarding how many students are enrolled in the program. Bill does not know if such information is available.

 Volunteer Hours: Bill announced that volunteers are no longer submitting hours. Under the new system, volunteer hours will be allocated based on the duties and tasks performed by the individual volunteers.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, July 6.

 The meeting adjourned at 12:08pm.


Respectfully submitted,

 Will Schneider