Present:  Ann Reid, Doug Fairbanks, Steve Priest

               Submitted by Steve Priest

Minutes approved from May 11, 2012 meeting

Year- to- date Annual Fund total is $17,064. 

Several Development Committee members including Ann Reid, Steve Priest and Bob Findorff will be attending the July 25-27 OLLI Conference in Jacksonville.

Plans for 2012-2013 include the following:

  • Have some special late Fall event such as Wine Tasting or some other “fun” event.
  • February Distinguished Lecture  —  involve Joseph McAuliffe.
  • Seek additional Committee members including Bill Heath and Neil Harvey.  Ron Hurst might participate but not attend Friday meetings.  It was decided to have a plan in place prior to contacting them.

 Other ideas included contacting Dr’s offices, restaurants, etc. about paid advertisements in Evergreen.  We need to talk with Ara to see if this can happen.

Ara mentioned that a very generous gift had been given to the USF Foundation by Dorothy Ebersbach.

 Next committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 17, 2012.