The meeting was held on Friday, May 4, 2012 at 10am at the USF OLLI Meeting Room.

The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Fred Barthmus, William Stanley, Nancy Stuart, Shirley Deeter and Nancy Marsh.

The following members were absent: Sheldon Busansky and Jean Amuso

The following staff members attended: Heidi Bauer and Joseph McAuliffe

The following guests attended: Pat Renfro

The following agenda items were discussed:

1.  Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Bill introduced Pat who was sitting in for Jean.

 2.  Approval of minutes: Will moved that the April minutes be approved as changed. Nancy Stuart seconded. The motion carried 7-0.

 3.  Overview of Agenda & Chair Comments: Bill mentioned the upcoming events; the OLLI Annual Meeting on May 18 and the Annual Volunteer Recognition Day on June 7.

 4. Subcommittee Reports:

Heidi distributed the draft schedule of computer courses for the summer quarter. Several subcommittee chairs reported difficulty in accessing individual course evaluations. They were able to easily access their course evaluations, but not much else. Heidi will work on the evaluations issue.  She mentioned that her data entry person is retiring and will be missed. Everyone will have to work closer together until a replacement is found and trained. There have been requests for a Gmail course. An instructor is being sought. There are also inquiries about courses on Building a Web Site. Nancy Marsh asked for a schedule of deadlines for course submissions and to see a copy of the draft course schedule before the Evergreen goes to press. Heidi can do that. The computer subcommittees are making attempts to accommodate handicapped students. There is a Spread Sheet manual being developed. Microsoft is no longer supporting XP. We need to consider no longer teaching XP.

Nancy Stuart is. working with two new Life Story Writing instructors. Pat reported that the Elective subcommittee is working on bridge classes. They are also developing a venues matrix for all Elective courses for future planning.

Shirley feels that advanced computer course descriptions must list nonnegotiable prerequisites. It is unfair for advanced students to be held back while the instructor and coaches work with students who are clearly not qualified.  Fred routinely emails students explain what they must know to handle his classes.

Nancy Marsh reported that two Mac courses made. She is receiving requests for Ipad courses. She is working on assembling a data base of computer students and coaches for future course planning. She is also receiving support for a Special Interest Group for Mac users similar to the existing SNUG.

 5. Discussion Items: Joseph distributed the draft summer schedule. He has suggested to Ara that we consider renegotiating the contract with Lake Magdalene in hopes of reducing the rental rate. In addition to the high rental rate, the new assistant pastor has objected to some of the course content. Nancy Marsh suggested we look at public school facilities as possible venues. Fred sees a problem with the Yoga venue. The building is in disrepair. Joseph is working the issue. Fred also mentioned that the walk to class at University Village is now much shorter, which should add to its attractiveness as a venue. His Great Decisions course at Canterbury Tower has only two resident students.  Joseph responded that of the three retirement venues, Canterbury has by far the lowest attendance.

 The next meeting will be held on Friday, June 1.

 The meeting adjourned at 11:58am.

 Respectfully submitted,

Will Schneider