The meeting was held on Friday, March 3, 2012 at 10am at the USF OLLI Meeting Room.  The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, Fred Barthmus, William Stanley, Nancy Stuart, Shirley Deeter, Sheldon Busansky, Jean Amuso and Nancy Marsh.   

 The following members were absent: None

 The following staff members attended: Ara Rogers and Joseph McAuliffe

 The following guests attended: Gene Flanagan

 The following agenda items were discussed:

 1.  Welcome and Introduction of Guests: Bill introduced and welcomed Gene who has joined the Arts & Humanities subcommittee.

 2.  Approval of minutes: Jean moved that the February minutes be approved. Sheldon seconded. The motion carried 9-0.

3.  Overview of Agenda & Chair Comments:

  1. Spring Open House: The Open House will be held on March 20.

   b.   Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting will be held on May 18 at which time elections will be held.

   c.  Course Evaluations: Evaluations are being received by the subcommittee chairs. Nancy Marsh has her students complete and send their evaluations before they leave their last class session. Several members agreed with Will that there needs to be a more clearly defined conclusion to the on-line evaluation process. Suggest a concluding statement such as; you have successfully completed the survey. Thank you.

   d. Status of Leadership Development and Succession Planning Projects: There are several on-going projects:

      (1) Leadership Development Group: This group has the task to identify and develop leaders for the future at USF-OLLI.  Nancy Stuart urged input from members in identifying future leaders.

      (2)  Strategic Planning Committee: This group has the task to develop a plan of succession for USF-OLLI.

4. Subcommittee Reports:

William:  The subcommittee held its first course evaluation session in which the Rodney Coleman courses were reviewed and approved.

Fred:  He is pleased that the New Volunteer Orientation has been separated from the Open House. He mentioned that iTunes on-line University has a wealth of free lectures and courses available. He distributed two information handouts. (Attached)  Bill would like to devise a method to get this information to our members. An ad hoc committee will meet to discuss this issue.

Jean: Four folks are ready to work on her subcommittee. They are looking forward to reviewing prospective courses.

Nancy Stuart: A few new courses are nearly ready for subcommittee review.

5. Courses Under Development: Bill asked Joseph if he has any new courses in the pipeline and, if so, are there practices in place to share that information with him and also with the appropriate subcommittee. Joseph is working on several and plans to coordinate with Bill and the subcommittee chairs as the process unfolds. Joseph distributed the latest edition of the Combat Report. (Attached)  Nancy Marsh asked if Joseph had a long range schedule of OLLI academic terms so that we might develop a plan to evaluate and submit courses for publication in the Evergreen in a timely manner. Joseph distributed a document entitled ”Calendar for OLLI Academic Terms” which lists the start and end dates for each of the next four terms beginning Fall 2012.(Attached).

6. Discussion Items: Will & Fred brought up the long standing issue of instructors requiring students to purchase books they have authored. Sheldon suggested we allow instructors to make their book available but not required. After some discussion, Jean moved that we establish a policy which allows instructors to suggest, but not require, a specific course text. Nancy Stuart seconded. The motion carried 9-0.

7.  Committee workshop issues: Bill led a discussion of committee issues. The committee agreed on the following list of topics for discussion at a committee workshop:

Member interests (based on an updated member survey)

Dialog with instructors (regarding time, day, venue. etc.)

Subcommittees observe new classes

Subcommittees review Evergreen draft with editors

Subcommittees review Evergreen for errors, omissions

Confirmation with instructors regarding availability

The next meeting will be held on Friday, April 6.

The meeting adjourned at 11:51am.

Respectfully submitted,

Will Schneider