The meeting was held on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 10am at the OLLI-USF Meeting Room.–Will Schneider    


The following members were present:  Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, William Stanley, Shirley Deeter, Fred Barthmus, Sheldon Busansky, Jean Amuso, Nancy Marsh and Nancy Stuart.


The following member was absent: Brenda Tipps.


 The following OLLI- USF staff member attended: Joseph McAuliffe.


 The following guests attended: Rhonda Trainor, Pat Renfro, Don McNair and Bill Baur.


Approval of minutes: Jean moved that the January minutes be approved. William seconded. The motion carried 9-0.


The following agenda items were discussed:


1. Welcome and introduction of guests: Bill welcomed the guests, all of whom are members of subcommittees.


2. Overview of agenda and chair comments: Bill mentioned that the task of conducting interviews for new courses and new instructors has been moved to the subcommittees.


3. Volunteer Application Form: Bill stated that the volunteers should be reporting their hours to receive credit. Reporting can be done on line.


4. OLLI- USF Board Nomination Process: A committee has been formed to consider nominations for the Board. Nancy Marsh mentioned that the deadline for nominations is March. The election will take place at the Annual Meeting in May.


5.  Computer Course Evaluation Feedback: In reply to a query from Don, Fred stated that the course evaluations return rate is less than 50%. He mentioned that the computer classes are doing the evaluations on line at the final meeting of the course. He added that this, of course, does not get to the dropouts or the students who are absent on the final day. Jean stated that her subcommittee is looking at the evaluations of recent years to identify trends as an aid in future planning.


6. Member survey: The most recent survey results are five years old. A new survey is being planned. Pat reported that the Evaluations Committee has finished its survey plan which is now being reviewed by Ara.


7. Sub Committee Reports: (a) Jean distributed forms for two proposed courses (attached). One issue regarding the Balancing Acts course is the proposed venue. The instructor wishes to conduct the course at her facility. Bill sees no problem, but the new venue will have to be approved. Both courses are being presented by instructors who have commercial enterprises in the same field as the course subject matter. This generated a question from Will and a lengthy discussion concerning the appropriateness of having an entrepreneur present a course on her subject at her business location. Relating to this issue, Fred and William expressed concern with instructors who require students to purchase books written by the instructor.  Bill asked Fred to develop a statement to be included in the instructor handbook addressing this issue. (b) Shirley is developing a pilot Face Book course and a Digital Camera course. (c)  William reported that his subcommittee is meeting with Rodney Coleman to discuss three courses dealing with the upcoming election. The subcommitteee is also evaluating a proposed course, The Political Thought of the American Founding, proposed by Mike Gibbons. (d) Fred reported that there are courses offered free on ITunes. He is continuing to work on Distance Learning and Video tutorials. (e) Sheldon, attending his first meeting as a member, is working on forming a subcommittee for Science & Technology. (f) Nancy Stuart has recruited three members and has scheduled her first meeting of the Humanities and the Arts subcommittee. (g) Nancy Marsh reported that her subcommittee is meeting today to discuss MAC pilot courses and also to discuss interest in iPhoto and iPad courses. The Buying a Computer course will expand to include both PC and MAC. (h) Shirley’s subcommittee is meeting together with the Mac folks to discuss cross platform courses.


8. Winter Registration and Spring Course Roster: Joseph distributed the Combat Report update. As of today, there are 43 courses scheduled for the spring quarter. He mentioned that new instructors are helped by the exposure they receive at the Open House orientations and the Friday Lecture Series. He mentioned a new venue, Cracker Country, which will host a Florida History course involving a moderator and a series of guest lecturers who are associated with the facility. He is also hoping to present a course on Italian cooking at the Sons of Italy Club and one on Art History at theTampaArt   Museum.


9. Committee member comments: Nancy Stuart reported that, as a part of the OLLI- USF twentieth anniversary, a committee is working on a book profiling individual OLLI members. The committee will gather submissions and decide which ones will be included in the book. Nancy Stuart and others commented that the recent Open House at Cento Asturiano went well and was well attended. Don cautioned that the locked stairwell at the Open House facility presented a possible safety hazard that should be investigated. Joseph said he would follow up on that.


The next committee meeting will be held on Friday, March 2.


The meeting adjourned at 12:04 pm.


Respectfully submitted,





Will Schneider