Sally Hudson, Secretary

Both the President of SNUG and the VP being absent, the meeting was called to order by David Henry.

Acknowledgment for providing refreshments was given to Deanna Ferlita, Gertrude Hinsch, Darlene Bodner, and Nancy Sjoberg.

Nancy Sjoberg and Cecilia Vance worked at the signing in desk.  Set up was provided by Robert and Vannie Rodgers.

Guests at the meeting were recognized:  Mary Lou Raterman, Diana Jean Kelley, Bill Swartz, Deanna Ferlita, Jean Trotter, and Dennis Mitchell.

New Business:

  • Caye Wheeler has been sick.  Those who wish to may send her a card.
  • Computer Coaches are needed for the Spring Term.  Contact Cecelia Vance.
  • I-Photo for Mac will be taught on Tuesday mornings in Spring Term.  This class is not listed in the Evergreen.
  • Board Meeting today after SNUG meeting.

Nancy Marsh won the 50/50 draw and donated her amount back to the SNUG group.

Speaker: Sherry Foecking

Topic:  Computer Cruises

The Association of PC User Groups sponsored a three day cruise on the Norwegian Sky to Freeport, Nassau, and a picnic on a private island on day three.  The Cruise Connection bus line, leaving from Brandon, provided round trip transportation to the port in Miami for a cost of $100.

Upon boarding the ship, the 400 attendees were given a program highlighting the speakers and the topics that were discussed (Amended programs were available daily).  Also provided were tote bags, name tag holders, one copy of Smart Computing magazine, screen cleaner, sample program discs, cleaning cloth for the computer, and a “funky board” (stickers that were made to put on your keyboard that would make a picture when applied).  A spouse program that offered card games, line dancing, etc.  was available for those guests not attending the Seminars.

Keynote speakers included Dr. Joyce Saltman, Chuck Opperman, and Dave Graveline.  Dr. Saltman discussed how the technology is being used to help teachers of Special Education relate to their students.  iPads are being used with Autistic students to help them communicate.   Parents and teachers are encouraging students in grades 1 through 6 to attend schools with no technology at all so that they can improve their creativity and social skills.

Chuck Opperman described the new features that buyers can expect to find in Windows 8 which is expected to be released later this year.  Users will find that the touch screen monitors will be supported (Windows 8 will be able to be used on the old type of monitor as well.) The monitor will also rotate between a portrait and the landscape view.  Windows 8 will not be a “space hog” so you won’t have to purchase more gigabites if you are installing it on an older computer.  It will also provide easier access to social networking sites.

National broadcaster Dave Graveline led a Q & A forum where participants could learn about new cutting edge technology such as:

  • A large light weight HD TV set that can be easily moved from one space to another.
  • Geopals ($14) is a new computer game that rewards children with points for doing physical activities.
  • Ear buds that stay in place (even during a cartwheel)
  • 360 degree camera device for the smart phone so that for example Realtors can use it to take pictures of homes to send to prospective buyers.
  • $200 projector for iPad or iPhone  


Judy Taylor spoke on how to build computer user groups.  Sessions stopped at 1 PM so guests could go ashore and enjoy the activities.

 Other interesting websites you may want to explore are:

  •  Dave Whittle
  • Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online Jim and Chris Guld do computer training and tutorial videos on the road in their RV.

 The future of technology will see less wires and no need for digital cameras.  The cameras in the cell phones will be improved so that there is no need to carry an additional camera.  Motion sensing (like Wii) will be more popular in technology.

 There will be a new 3 day technology cruise beginning February 25, 2013.  The cruise will buy out the Sandpiper Bay Club Med resort and you will be able to select your meals and entertainment. Info at

 David Henry polled the audience to find out how many had a Facebook page.  About half of the group had Facebook pages and opinions varied from very useful to “nothing but chatter”. Others  were in the business networking group called Linkedin.  Both are social networking sites but Linkedin helps you find jobs and you can join their diverse subgroups which have discussions related to the subgroups interests.

 Cloud computing was briefly discussed.  What can you do on the Cloud and is it secure? You can do taxes, banking, email, build websites, genealogy, edit and store photos, backup your computer etc. on the Cloud.   The applications are either Private or Public. For more information on the Cloud visit