The two subcommittees of the reorganized OLLI Membership Committee, Recruitment and Retention, met on January 27 to review our revised mission statement and define goals and deliverables for the current year.



The mission of OLLI-USF’s Membership Committee is to grow, renew and improve OLLI by reaching, attracting, involving and retaining a diverse membership committed to an active life of learning and involvement in their communities.

To accomplish the mission, the Committee has been reorganized into two components, Recruitment, which will address the mission of growth and outreach, and Retention, which will direct its attention to communicating with existing members and promoting activities to strengthen their ties to OLLI and encourage deeper levels of involvement.

In addition to continuing the current activities of the Recruitment Sub-committee, we identified two goals for the combined committee:

  1. Expand outreach activities such as increasing Speaker’s Bureau engagements by 50%, and improving the methods by which other OLLI members can become recruiters.
  2. Review all the ways that we currently communicate with our membership to identify the most effective and efficient means of staying in touch and encouraging involvement.

A new initiative under the second goal is to contact all brand new OLLI members within the first month (plus) of their joining or starting classes to welcome them, get feedback and offer assistance and information about programs and activities other than classes.

The Retention Sub-committee chair position is still open, and Pat and/or Sally will act in this capacity until a chair is found. This sub-committee also needs additional members, and would appreciate the Board’s support and recommendations for all our initiatives.

Sally Ordway and Pat Spencer
Membership Committee Co-Chairs