Refreshments:  Cecelia Vance, Gail Benton, Rose Terenzi, Nancy Sjoberg, Darlene Bodner, and Fred Barthmus

Set-up:  Robert and Evangie Rodgers

Visitors:  none

50/50 Winner:  Raymond Garcia
Poinsettia Winner:  Deanna Ferlita

Photography:  Frank Weitzman Click to see the photos

Trev Wunderlin announced GSIG will meet December 16, 2011, at the regular time but in room 308 of the educational building at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church.  The program is a discussion of good books to use for genealogical research.

The February SNUG meeting will be in rooms 308 and 309 at the church and only coffee and tea will be served due to size constraints of the rooms.

Today’s program was a discussion led by Jason from Barnes and Noble about several of the popular e-readers.  The Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch ($99.00) is a good choice for someone who wants a dedicated e-reader.  It is comfortable to hold, just under 8 ounces, with black print and only has to be charged every one to two months.  It has wireless but only to the Barnes and Noble stores to get books.  Therefore, there is no monthly wireless fee.  The Amazon Kindle ($79.00) is similar to the Nook Simple Touch. If you want to do e-mail as well as read, the Nook Color or the Kindle Touch would be possibilities.  If you’re looking for a reader with tablet capabilities but smaller and lighter than a laptop, consider the Nook Tablet, the Kindle Fire or the Apple iPad. The iPad has about 500,000 apps, far more than any of the other choices. It is also the most expensive.  Before purchasing any of these devices decide what you want to use it for.  They all have advantages and disadvantages.  It is reported that Google will have a reader out by the first of the year.

Submitted by Gail Benton