December, 2011

Restructuring Underway:

On November 30, Director Ara Rogers conducted an all day retreat for the Membership Committee members wherein we reviewed our accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses, and identified optimal ways to meet our goals and mission.

The conclusion was that the mission is two-fold: recruitment of new members reflecting the diversity of our community, and retaining those members so that they are likely to rejoin and become actively involved with OLLI USF.

Toward that mission, we will have those two components of the Committee, incorporating some of the activities of the former Communication Sub-committee into Member Services. We are actively seeking someone to chair this Sub-Committee. Members of the former Communications sub-committee will continue to serve in Member Services.

Coordination of efforts with other committees related to Membership is a primary objective.

Ara is in the process of organizing the materials generated at the retreat, and we will present our specific mission and goals to the Board of Advisors early in 2012.

Sally Ordway and Pat Spencer

Committee Co-Chairs