The meeting was held on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 9am at the USF OLLI Meeting Room.

The following members were present: Bill Sapper, Will Schneider, William Stanley, Nancy Marsh, Shirley Deeter, Fred Barthmus, and Jean Amuso. The following member was absent: Jack Robinson, Brenda Tipps, and Nancy Stuart.

The following USF-OLLI staff member attended: Joseph McAuliffe.

The following guests attended: None.

Approval of minutes: Jean moved that the October minutes be approved. Shirley seconded. The motion carried 7-0

The following agenda items were discussed:

1. Cracker Country Tour Report: The group was welcomed by Dan Marshall, Operations Manager who conducted a tour of the facility. The facility is not open to the general public on a daily basis. The main focus of the facility is the Florida State Fair, special events and the extensive elementary school education programs. The committee sees considerable potential for a joint venture between OLLI and Cracker Country. Pat suggested fund raising events. Bill and Will suggested OLLI classes of 4-6 weeks utilizing the currently active docents as guest speakers. Florida history has always been a very popular subject with our OLLI chapter and that classes held at Cracker Country would no doubt fill. Joseph and Bill will explore the feasibility of conducting classes at this facility.

2. Job Description for Members of the Curriculum Committee: Bill distributed a two page document outlining the duties. The committee reviewed the document and found it basically sound. Fred agreed to develop a template covering the items listed in paragraph 5. Joseph again reminded the committee that our instructors are unpaid volunteers who are doing us a favor. Fred suggested we use wording such as “you are encouraged to” rather than “you are required to”, when offering instructor training to our faculty members. It was suggested that we team up an experienced instructor or subcommittee member with each new instructor. Jean made a motion that we adopt this document as a working draft and evaluate in six months. Shirley seconded. The motion carried 7-0.

3. Discussion:

a. Course cancellations: Jean asked Joseph to explain the course cancellation policy. Joseph replied that the instructor is the key. The instructor can cancel a course for poor enrollment. However, even when a minimum is set for a course, the instructor can choose to present the course to fewer than the minimum. Empirical data often dictates the frequency of a particular offering, i.e., every quarter, annually,semi-annual, etc.

b. Audio-visual equipment malfunctions: This seems to be a continuing problem. Fred stated that there is different equipment in the various venues and, in most instances, there is no on site tech support. The instructor must assume some responsibility by doing as much prior planning and equipment testing as possible. Joseph and Bill stated that the instructor must be prepared to present the class whether or not the tech equipment functions. Jean asked if we could get tech people to setup and run the equipment. Joseph feels that would not be practical and that the instructors need to be trained to use the equipment.

c. Friday Noontime Lecture Series locations: Fred asked why so few lectures are presented at the WestsideCenter. Joseph replied that the University is now conducting classes in that facility. Will observed that the parking lot is nearly empty on Fridays. Joseph replied that he has been told to find other venues for the lecture series.

4. Guidelines for New OLLI Instructors: Bill presented a four page draft document. Nancy introduced and explained the document which she put together with Bruce Snyder. The computer committee has reviewed it. Bill suggested this document needs to be incorporated into faculty training. Fred agreed. Fred will work with Nancy and Bruce to finalize the document for use by new instructors.

5. Sub-committee reports:

a. Shirley: Facebook course is being developed. There is a downward trend in computer course enrollment.

b. Nancy: Subcommittee meets the first Friday of each month. They are working on issues such as low enrollment, NEC facilities, MAC manual production and Ipad courses. They are not pursuing cross platform courses at this time.

c. William: Subcommittee has met with Joseph and is awaiting new course proposals.

d. Jean: Subcommittee is meeting on the third Thursday of each month. They are not emphasizing any particular elective area.

6. New Course Interviews: None conducted.

The next committee meeting will be held on Friday, December 2.

The meeting adjourned at 11:31 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Will Schneider