The meeting was opened at 1:30 by our president, Jay Hall, who welcomed everyone.

Refreshments were provided by Darlene Bonar, Mary Walston, Rose Terenzi and Nancy Sjoberg. Robert and Evangie Rodgers handled the set-up.

Nancy Sjoberg won the 50/50 and Gerry Hartke won a Photoshop Elements program.

The G-SIG (Genealogy) meets the third Friday of each month at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church, from 9:30 to 11:15 am. The upcoming meeting will feature George Morgan, an excellent speaker with a national reputation,.

Sherry Foecking announced the FACUG Conference cruise will leave on January 23, 2012, from Miami. Over 400 have signed up to attend the Conference during this trip to Nassau on Norwegian Cruise Lines. A bus from Clearwater to Miami is being arranged.

Shirley Deeter advised us on new classes for the upcoming winter term—a Facebook class and a web development class.

For the December SNUG meeting we will have Jason Oliver from Barnes and Noble to demonstrate the Nook tablet and e-Reader followed by some Christmassy computer entertainment.

For today’s program we had three speakers introducing their classes—Charlie Croucher, Bob Capellini, and David Henry.

Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements—Charlie Croucher teaches two classes on Photoshop Elements and demonstrated how the program works. Backgrounds and borders can be added to photos as well as changing the adjustment levels to improve the photographs. Photoshop is the premier program for scrapbooking.

Transition from PC to Mac—Bob Capellini purchased a refurbished MAC in October 2010 and loves it. He finds file management easier with the MAC Finder than using the Windows Explorer function on a PC, and the MAC Preferences are broadly comparable to the default settings of a PC.

Picasa—Bob Capellini also teaches a class on Google’s Picasa, which is a simple photo editor and a good way to organize your photographs.

1, 2, 3 BLOG—David Henry teaches this course and asks his students to set up a weblog (website) using Word-Press, and have the bare site up and running before they come to the class. He showed a nice example of a student’s blog of her travels. Photos, audio and videos and can be posted to the blog.

Review of weblog by David Henry who maintains this site. It provides access to a wealth of information about OLLI, including the master calendar, classes, registrations, social activities, photo albums, coaching grid schedules, etc. OLLI is in the process of keeping most documents completely on-line and will save money because postal mailings can be reduced. David encouraged everyone to send in news about the OLLI members for the People News section. PC Tips and PC Help have excellent information on topics such as web readers, backup and computer scams. In addition, there are links to websites such as David’s Links, Smart Computing, free university classes taught by professors all over the country, and Road Scholar (new name for Elderhostel).

Submitted by Gail Benton