Jay Hall opened the meeting at 1:30 pm after everyone had the opportunity to socialize and enjoy refreshments.  Montage follows.

Marilyn Bartholomew was greeting people at the Registration desk.

Jay Hall thanked everyone who brought refreshments and welcomed the following guests: Charles Bearss, Carsie Thorpe – guest of Shirley Deeter, Joe Giewartowski , Pam Purol, Deanna Ferlita, Lorraine Smith and Ron Button.

Joe Giewartowski wanted to know if anyone uses a computer program that uses music or writes music.

Jay asked for input regarding smart phones as a possible course. Jim Kaehler suggested a course in what smart phones could do. Sherry Foecking wanted to know the cost.

Jay suggested a summary workshop that would be generic. It would include what the smart phone can do and some of the applications. He will make a presentation to SNUG and then perhaps offer a class.

Shirley Deeter and Caye Wheeler presented a Power Point Presentation on Scrapbooking and More Using Microsoft Word (Versions 2003, 2007 and 2010). Shirley described how you can use the commands to insert and resize a picture in your document or scrapbook, how to insert text and borders. Examples of other uses are to customize fit, tags, calendars, gift certificates and add pictures to your family history. Caye submitted pictures that were passed around showing examples of projects she has done in the past. Anyone can download templates to use in their project and the templates can be found at Microsoft.com and Avery.com.

Marilyn Bartholomew announced that $14 would go to the winner of the 50/50 raffle. Gertrude Hinsch drew the ticket which belonged to the winner Jim Kaehler.

Jay Hall reminded everyone about the OLLI picnic at RiverfrontPark on Thursday, October 20th. Flyers were left on the desk.

Minutes Submitted by Sally Hudson.