The Chairs of the Membership Committee met on September 16, 2011 with the Chairs of the Sub-committees, Charlie Delp-Recruitment and Jeanette Reilly-Communications along with Ara Rogers to discuss a proposed action plan… Our discussion included the following:

1. Recruitment will continue to focus on bringing in new members through the various activities outlined in the Mission Statement.

2. Communications will remain under the Membership umbrella and will be focused on communications for existing members.

3. Member Services/Retention will be activated as follows:
Appoint a Chair for this subcommittee who will have the following job description:
“The Chair of the…subcommittee will report to the Chair(s) of the Membership Committee and will recruit and direct volunteers to make contact with current and former OLLI members”

We are presently seeking a Volunteer interested in serving in this capacity. We will meet with the Volunteer and update them on exactly how to carry out the described duties of this Sub-committee. If you know of anyone that might be interested, please share our contact information with them, and theirs with us.

These sub-committee activities will give us contact with members at all stages. Here’s to growth and retention and all the good things we do together.

Co-chair Pat Spencer was a panelist at the Friday presentation by Dr. Roy Kaplan on Race. It was attended by 60 people. Everyone enjoyed the lecture and panel participation. The discussion included extensive questions and comments. We appreciate BOA member Edythe Shapiro for attending.

Membership Committee

Sally Ordway/Pat Spencer