At 9:30 am, Trev Wunderlin, chair, brought the meeting to order. There were 14 people in attendance, 7 of whom were new to the group. Everyone told a little about themselves and their

genealogical research. These meetings are from September to June. This group is an interest

group known as G-SIG, and is organized through the USF-OLLI program.


We discussed if G-SIG should meet on the same day as SNUG, the senior network users

group. The consensus of the group was not to meet on the same day. We will keep this

meeting on Friday, and SNUG will continue to meet ‘on Thursday. There could be further

discussion about this at a future meeting.


Program chair, Deborah Adles, would appreciate suggestions for future programs and/or

speakers for the coming year. A survey form was distributed with questions regarding this

issue. They will be collected at the next meeting on October 21st.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Saturday, October 1, 9am – 4pm, there will be a FGS Seminar at USF

Marshall StudentCenter regarding research on genealogy. The speaker will be Dr. John Philip

Colletta. Trev urged everyone to attend. Dr. Colletta will speak about finding ancestors in

original sources: local, state, and national repositories.


TODAY’S PROGRAM: The program for this meeting was a book discussion led by Trev

Wunderlin. The book was A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith, a historical novel

following three generations of the Maclvey family in Florida from 1863 to 1986. Trev brought

into discussion a list of questions she had created.


NEXT MONTH: The program scheduled for Friday, October 21, 2011 will be led by Trev

Wunderlin. Discussion will be regarding how to tackle and analyze research questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.


Lisbeth L. Wagner

New Member