Meeting Minutes—August 12, 2011

Meeting was called to order by Chair Nancy Stuart at 10 AM.

Members Present: Nancy Stuart, Tom Joyce, Kay Menzel, Lillie Johnson, Neil Harvey, Patrick Donnelly, Bill Sapper, Ann Reid, Sally Ordway, Pat Spencer, MaruLou Crawford, Pat Renfroe, Ray Ann Favata, and Joseph McAuliffe, Coordinator. Absent: Jean Amuso. Director, Ara Rogers joined the meeting for the last half hour.

Minutes from the BOA Retreat, June 2011 were approved with only minor changes. Motion to approve: Pat Spencer and Seconded by Ray Ann Favata.

OLLI BOA work plan for 2011/2012 was discussed:

1) Meeting dates: The Board agreed to continue to meet at 10 AM on the 2nd Friday of each month. The only change will be the location of our November11th meeting. Since USF is closed for the Veteran’s Day holiday, the BOA will meet in the board room of Centro Asturiano.

2) Agenda: The format for our monthly agenda will be as follows:

a. Opening comments from the Chair

b. Approval of Minutes

c. Board initiatives

d. Director’s Report

e. Committee Reports (Chairs are encouraged to continue submitting a written report to Board members prior to the meeting day, be prepared to discuss any items of high priority, action items, and answer Board members’ questions.)

f. Announcements and Upcoming Events

g. Adjournment.

3) Goal Updates:

n Marketing Committee: Patrick and Ann

Patrick recommended a Membership Contest to come up with a Tag line or slogan. He also wants to develop a Poster for bulletin boards around the County in locations such as libraries, retirement communities, Fitness Centers, etc.

He also suggested that in preparation for our 20th Anniversary year our slogan should be ready and all of our printed materials should look the same – with the same theme and tag line.

The consensus of the board was that any marketing plan needs to emphasize and utilize the research that has already been done by the Strategic & Organizational Planning Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

Pat and Ann will take the research and work on a marketing plan to present to the BOA in September, 2011.

n Leadership Development: Bill and Kay

Bill and Kay met with Ara in July. At this time they are still researching and developing a plan which should be ready to present to the Board in Nov/Dec. and initiate the plan in Jan/Feb 2012 time frame.

n Operational Plan:

There was a great deal of discussion of the plan. The following questions and concerns were raised by board members:

a) Need to clarify Committee Responsibilities

b) Need to identify specific tools of measurement

c) How do we know when we are succeeding?

d) Need to be cautious of overreaching and controlling

e) Need to keep in mind it’s not what we do but the way we do it.

f) Need to be aware of duplication and overlap

g) It’s a good plan. We need to let it work and then evaluate it

h) Need to review the plan periodically

Motion to approve Operational Plan as written with no changes was made by Ray Ann and seconded by Neil Harvey. Vote: Approval – 10 yes votes with Sally Ordway and Pat Renfroe abstaining.

n Better Communication among Committees:

Committee Chairs agreed to meet following the BOA September 9th 2011 meeting to discuss how they can best work together and understand the goals and projects of each committee. They will decide whether they want to continue to meet on a regular basis.

n OLLI’s 20th Anniversary: Ray Ann Favata, Pat Spencer, and Lillie Johnson

The committee plans to meet soon and will have a report ready for the BOA in October 2011.

4) Schedule for Board Committee’s Reports on Mission and Goals:

n Development Committee — September 2011

n Strategic and Organizational Planning Committee – September 2011

n Membership Committee – October 2011

n Curriculum Committee – October 2011

n Social Events Committee – October 2011

n Volunteer Management Committee – October 2011

5) Committees will provide their annual reports to the boards including the accomplishments for the year. Reports will be due: April 2012.

6) Bylaws Review Committee:

Committee will be named in February 2012 with recommendations to BOA in April 2012.

7) Policy and Procedures Manual:

Tom Joyce, Vice Chair agreed to review and make recommended changes to BOA in September 2011. The Policy & Procedures Manual will be placed on the web in the form of a wiki so that they can easily be updated as needed.

8) Treasurer’s Reports:

Lillie Johnson, BOA Treasurer will get with Ara to determine a schedule for financial reports to the Board.

9) Special Interest Groups:

The Board agreed to let the SIGs continue functioning as usual and only get involved and handle problems as they arise.

10) Final Discussion category included a long list of items and questions which need further review by the Committee Chairs. The Chairs should prioritize the items and determine which committee is responsible. This will be on the agenda for the September 2011 BOA meeting.

Participation in the Southern Regional conference for Learning in Retirement, July 27-29, 2011:

OLLI-USF participants included the following members: Ray Ann Favata, Nan Kutcher, Kay Menzel and Ara Rogers. Kay circulated a one page outline of the workshops we attended but because of time was not able to discuss the many ideas we brought back from the conference. We would however, be pleased to share the information with any committee.

Director’s Report:

Ara reported that she is part of a University wide committee to select a CRM system (customer relations management system) for USF. This is a work in progress but we hope the decision comes soon. Ara gave us a rundown of other new communication tools – An OLLI Facebook page which will be another way for members to communicate and an effective way to circulate news quickly. Also, OLLI has purchased a one year contract for email services with Constant Contact which will facilitate communications with our members. We also are looking at ways to turn the OLLI News into an e-newsletter. Also in the works — moving the Faculty Handbook and the Board’s Policy and Procedural Manual to a wiki link so that they are living, up-to-date documents also allowing our members an opportunity to discuss and comment on the pages.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM.

Submitted by: Kay Menzel, Board Secretary, OLLI-USF BOA