August 19, 2011

Present:  Ann Reid, Doug Fairbanks, Lillie Johnson, Steve Priest, Ron Hurst

Ann Reid indicated that donations are coming into the 2011-2012 annual fund and contributors will receive a letter of acknowledgement from Ara and also one from the Foundation.

Ann suggested the Annual Fund could be used to replace computers which would cost about $20,000. Fred Barthmus will be asked about his contacting Apple regarding these computers.

Ann Reid distributed information from Kelly Ritrievi of the USF Foundation about planned/legacy giving that was sent to Joseph.  The Committee approved sending this to the membership as an e-blast.  Ron Hurst mentioned Eric Longstreet and Roger Monsour, MD,  as potential donors.  He pointed out that Dr. Monsour has experience both as a donor and in fundraising.

We discussed fund raising options that would be part of OLLI’s 20th anniversary celebration.  Lillie suggested a 3 or 4 day cruise. On-board lectures could be included.  Steve pointed out that OLLI-UMass/Boston had raised $10,000 from a 10th anniversary luncheon.  Members were charged $35 but many donated from $50 to $250. This idea could work for us as well using an attractive venue such as The Rusty Pelican.

Steve reported that AAA no longer donates trips, week-ends or flights that we had hoped could be used as a raffle prize.  Ann thought we could contact our local Walmarts about a high definition TV or some other item  to be used  instead.

Ann advised us that Patrick Donnelly had resigned from the Board.  We discussed the possibility of suggesting Edythe Shapiro to the Board as a replacement.

Additional items agreed upon were the continuation of Doug Fairbank’s cartoons in Evergreen and a Development Committee letter to be distributed by classroom assistants.

The next meeting will be on September 16 at 10AM.