OLLI COMMUNICATIONS sub- committee MEETING Minutes – August 5, 2011

Mission Statement

To develop a means of communication that fosters a sense of community in order to keep members interested, informed and involved in OLLI.

Meeting was called to order at 10 am.

Three new members attended the meeting, John Alexander, John Darsey and Sue Eckstein. Also present was Pat Spenser and Sally Ordway, Membership committee co-chairs and Board Members.

All were welcomed and each introduced themselves and stated their involvement in OLLI and where they live.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as presented.

Old Business:

Historical Filing- Linda Fairbanks and David Henry reported on the progress of the filing of historical documents. David Henry prepared a proposal for a format for storing documents on-line to be submitted to the ad hoc committee. Ad hoc committee is chaired by Doug Fairbanks. The ad hoc committee is scheduled to meet Friday, August 12. They will keep us posted on the progress.

John Alexander suggested the ad hoc committee inquire as to whether the Tampa Bay Historical Museum might be interested in historical information.

New Business:

Electronic Newsletter –Nan Kutcher reported about the Southeast Regional Conference for Learning in Retirement for OLLI. She found no sessions about Electronic Newsletters. However in personal contacts she learned that Florida State OLLI produces a weekly similar to Joseph’s weekly BLAST. The University of North Florida produces one bi-monthly. They have twelve people. Two are assigned to produce it once a month. Nan indicated that OLLI is currently looking into Constant Contact. Constant Contact will provide a distribution method for the newsletter, as well as a template. Sue Eckstein offered to check as to what her congregation uses for their electronic newsletter.

Ara Rogers informed the committee that she is in the process of ordering Constant Contact. It is widely used. She discussed the process used currently to send out the Newsletter, which is time-consuming. Constant Comment will be much more efficient, we would have a better sense of how many are receiving it, are using the links, and will be able to use “trusted list” and not be rejected by some servers as SPAM. She hopes it is available for fall registration.

The fall newsletter will continue to be sent using the old format.

Ara Rogers also announced that they are in the process of developing a Facebook page.

OLLIlifeUSF- David Henry reported that there is not much activity at this time, with an average of 25 visits per day. Only 2-3 committees or subcommittees are sending him minutes to post. Pat Spencer and Sally Ordway will discuss with Board to encourage more use. David will set up a gmail address for the website.

Fall OLLI News Schedule-Nan Kutcher distributed the Volume 5, Number 1 Schedule and Contents. She discussed the articles to be prepared and the assignments. Copy of the Contents and assignments are attached.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25.

Present: John Alexander, Florence Antoine, John Darsey, Sue Eckstein, Linda Fairbanks, Tina Harvey, David Henry, Nan Kutcher, Sally Ordway, Pat Spencer, Jeanette Reilly, chair, and Ara Rogers PhD., Director

Next Meeting Date. Friday, November 4, 2011 in NEC 119 (9:30 social & coffee, 10:00 Meeting)