I was stunned to receive this message from Carol Preslar. Roger had coached in our computer classes for years, and was a SNUG member.

Hello David

This message is from Carol I am afraid I have sad news. Roger passed away unexpectedly Wednesday June 29. I simply cannot call everyone personally. My voice is giving out just doing the absolutely necessary calling. His sisters are here with me this week and are going to whisk me off for a little break to Sarasota where one of them lives to get me out of the house. My family will be here next week. My doctor gave me some happy pills to take to get me through all the things that need to be arranged. Would you please let the Olli and Snug folks know about Roger. For now I still have my AOL account cjpreslar I will probably drop AOL when I have to cancel his credit card and only use my yahoo account, but for the time being it is still active. There may be a lapse in computer communication entirely when I have to change everything to my credit card—never did that so have no idea how that’s going to go. I am trying to just take one little bit at a time.

Warm regards