The meeting was called to order at 9:40 am by Chair, Kay Menzel. Those in attendance were Jean Amuso,  Doug Fairbanks,    Ray Ann Favata Neil Harvey, Eileen Hines and Nancy Sjoberg (for Marulou Crawford). Lillie Johnson, Ann Reid, Pat Renfroe, Pat Spencer, Nancy Stuart, Bill Sapper and Ara Rogers-OLLI Director, Absent: Marulou Crawford, Tom Joyce, Sally Ordway. Guests, Patrick Donnelly, Jack Plimmer, Edythe Shapiro, and Manny Lopez.

Appointment of Chairs: According to our by-laws, Committee Chairs are appointed for a two year term. Nancy Stuart moved and Pat Spencer seconded that Pat Renfroe (Strategic Planning) and Bill Sapper (Curriculum) be appointed for another term. Passed unanimously. No action is required for the four remaining chairs as they have completed only one year of the two year term.

At our Annual Membership Meeting on May 20, two board members will be elected. Absentee ballots were discussed. The meeting will be at Westside.

Retreat: June 10 and June 13 are tentative dates depending on the room availability.

Minutes: Moved to approve the minutes of the April meeting. (RayAnn/Marilyn) Passed

National Meeting: Ara and Kay reported that there were 117 OLLIs represented at the National meeting. Discussions included development of a leadership team, attracting Baby Boomers and working with several generations of adults with different expectations, developing a fund raising focus and using research in problem solving. Research involved getting the right data and making decisions from this data. A workshop on Inclusivity featured Ara and Charlie Delps’s article. Kay distributed anthologies from other OLLIs featuring works by members. Kay sorted the many catalogs and publications picked up at the conference and will leave them in the OLLI offices for anyone interested in browsing them. Ara will send documents to the board on a virtual conference and other information from the presentations.

Introduction of Guest: Manny Lopez, Interim Senior Director of Corporate College/Continuing Education and Director of Parking and Transportation Services, was introduced. Board members and guests introduced themselves to Manny. He discussed our ties to the community and applauded our fund raising efforts. A question and answer period followed. Manny was complimentary of OLLI and took away notes.

Presentation of Operational Plan: A draft Operational Plan was presented which was developed by the ad hoc Committee (Neal Harvey, Tom Joyce, Kay Menzel, Jack Plummer, Nancy Stuart and Ara Rogers). Suggestions were made to take the committee mission statements out of the by-laws so that the by laws would not have to be amended as those mission statements were revised. A form for committee reports was discussed along with identifying major issues with committee goals to support these issues and whether we should use performance data. Identifying issues was felt to be a good working tool for the Retreat and the Board was requested to e-mail exchanges regarding changes, deletions and additions to this report so that we can begin immediate discussion at the Retreat.

Director’s Report: Ara is working on the budget. She would like to have budget information for each quarter and Committee Chairs will be given allocations for special initiatives. OLLI is facing a budget reduction along with the all of USF. We have lost one staff member. Reducing the size of the mailing list of the Evergreen will be a big saving—eliminating those who have not become members after a certain period of time. We can use other social marketing initiatives that do not have such a high cost. We continue to pay an administrative overhead to the College and we can’t take this out of our Endowment funds. Continuing Ed handles our registration as we cannot collect money.

Treasurer’s Report: Lillie presented the Treasurer’s report and indicated some data was missing. She will give us an updated report at the next meeting.

Volunteer Report: Ray Ann indicated the Volunteer Appreciation Brunch will be held on Wednesday, June 8th at the Rusty Pelican. Volunteers being recognized are allowed to bring one guest for a fee of $10 and volunteers with less than 40 hours service for the past year are invited but will also have to pay $10. Reservations are needed.

Development: Ann reported that we had collected $12,544.45 so far through or Annual Fund Initiative. She is considering holding focus groups to raise awareness and reach more members.

New committees: Succession: Kay said she had talked to other OLLIs at the National meeting and none had a workable succession plan. An ad hoc committee will be appointed to review different plans and Ara will canvass her counterparts.

The Next Open House will be at the CarrollwoodCulturalCenter, most likely on Wednesday, September 14. It was decided that we do not need an Ad Hoc for this event.

Doug Fairbanks, Terri McIvor, Marilyn Bartholomew, David Henry and Linda Fairbanks will work on developing ideas and procedures for the Historian/Webmaster and report back to the Board in September 2011.

Recruitment update: The Recruitment Committee called several hundred non-renewing members to determine why they did not renew their membership. They learned that a number were prepared to re-enroll immediately; quite a few were unaware their membership had elapsed; and a smaller number needed to be taken off the mailing list, as their contact information was no longer valid or they would not be taking any more classes. This prompted some discussion about how, when and how often we remind members their membership is expiring.

Kay thanked Doug Fairbanks and Marilyn Bartholomew for their services on the Board. Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Amuso, Secretary