The meeting was called to order at 10am by Chair, Kay Menzel. Those in attendance were Neil Harvey, Nancy Stuart, Tom Joyce, Ray Ann Favata, Doug Fairbanks, Pat Renfroe, Bill Sapper, Nancy Sjoberg (for Marulou Crawford), Sally Ordway, Ara Rogers-OLLI Director, and Pat Spencer.   

Minutes were approved.

New CoChairs for Membership committee Sally Ordway & Pat Spencer were introduced.

Nominating Committee: Tom Joyce’s packet for new Board candidates was reviewed and considered very effective and informative. Candidates for 2011 Board were approved.

Nancy Stuart discussed 2011 Bylaws corrections. Bylaws revisions were approved.

Directors Report: Ara discussed possible new venue locations for OLLI classes and cost considerations. Presently LakeMadelineUnitedMethodistChurch is still a very good deal ($) for OLLI. Finding new locations will be an on going project and interest of OLLI.

Protocol for honoring decreased OLLI members was discussed and sidelined for the present. Ray Ann’s volunteer committee recommends we use the annual recognition event to briefly recognize volunteers that have passed away during the previous year.

Board succession procedures need an operational plan. Future planning to follow.

Development Committee has raised $9000.00 in donations for OLLI with expectations for more to come.

Membership Committee: Sally Ordway & Pat Spencer report a reorganization plan is in progress.

Curriculum Committee reports online evaluations for OLLI courses is slow in getting started, but will be a work in progress. (80% of OLLI members have e-mail addresses. Non e-mail members still need to use paper eval forms.)

Next meeting April 8, 2011.

Respectfully submitted

Neil Harvey

OLLI Board 2011