Meeting was called to order at 10 am. Present: Florence Antoine, Linda Fairbanks, Tina Harvey, David Henry, Nan Kutcher, and Jeanette Reilly, chair.  

Jeanette Reilly thanked all for coming. Several members were out of town or ill.

Tina Harvey was thanked for keeping the OLLI News Profiles and Content list up to date. A brief discussion followed about changes in filing of historical data and the establishment of an ad hoc committee to develop a procedure. David Henry and Linda Fairbanks are on the committee and will keep us posted.

Minutes from the last meeting needed a correction. The minutes for 3/11/2011 with the correction were approved. David Henry will change the earlier posting on the website.

Old Business:

David Henry reported that he posted the information, as requested, about the shirts and other items with the OLLI logo that could be purchased from Palladium Studio. However, it may not prove to be useful because the Palladium Studio website has numerous problems. He reported the problems to Palladium Studio. They seemed unaware of problems.

New Business:

The assignments and schedule for the summer issue of the OLLI News was distributed. Nan Kutcher discussed the tentative list of articles and the writers and/photographers. The summer issue is tentatively scheduled to be available the week of June 24.

See attached Schedule and Contents.

Newsletter Survey  A summary of the responses to the that was conducted by the national Osher Lifelong Learning Institute was reviewed. Ideas that the committee found of interest included the following;

1. Some solicit stories or articles from the membership.

2. Newsletters are produced on a variety of schedules and frequencies.

3. The newsletter and the listing of classes offered are combined in one publication.

4. Some Newsletters are produced by a team of volunteers, others by paid staff, or combination.

5. One committee is highlighted in each publication.

6. Some are electronic, on-line newsletters.

Discussion of the pros and cons of an electronic newsletter followed. Nan offered to look into what it takes to move to an electronic newsletter and present at the next meeting.

Next Meeting Date. Friday, August 5, 2011 in NEC 119 (9:30 social & coffee, 10:00 Meeting)