VP Tom Goldsworthy presided over the meeting.

Thanks for refreshments went to Cecelia Vance, Nancy Marsh, Marilyn Bartholomew, Rose Terenzi, Jean Dyer, and to Robert Rodgers for Set-up

Guests were Sally Hudson and Darlene Bodnar

50/50 Winner was Josephine Dowd

At the June meeting we will elect officers for the 2011-2012 year. The slate is: President–Jay Hall, Vice President and Secretary Coordinator–Frank Weitzman, Secretaries—Gail Benton, Linda Fairbanks, and Donna Gilbert, Treasurer—Caye Wheeler.

SNUG presented an engraved glass plaque to Rose Terenzi in appreciation for providing wonderful baked goods at every SNUG meeting she has attended over many years.

A get well card was sent to Marlyn Moore.

The June program: Blain Barton from Microsoft will talk about “Things Most Users Don’t Know about Windows 7.”

The first part of today’s program consisted of a Q&A session. It was moderated by David Henry, and the panelists were Shirley Deeter, Sherry Foecking, Tom Kochansky, Fred Barthmus, and Myron Thorner.

· What is the cloud and is it safe to store data there?

The concept of cloud computing means data, programs and applications will be stored on the internet rather than on each individual computer. You can have free space in the cloud or buy more space for a nominal fee. Program maintenance is automatically done for you. It is safe. The security is better than on most individual computers. Examples of cloud computing are Google mail, Yahoo mail and Turbo Tax.

· What does it mean when I get a message asking if I want to make changes to the normal template?

This appears when we open a word document and change something such as the font. Each time we open a word document the template is applied. Normal template is a default setting. Say no if you do not wish to change anything.

· How can I transfer information from an old PC to a new one?

Windows has a wizard which will gather data from the old machine and write it to a memory stick, compact disc, or dvd. This can be transferred to the new machine. The wizard won’t transfer programs, however. You will need to buy a product to transfer the programs, and some older programs may not work on the new computer. When you buy a new MAC, the store will transfer everything for free.

· I have a laptop with Windows 7 and after I run it for about two hours the screen turns blue and I can’t use the computer. It is called blue screen of death. What can I do about this?

This might be caused by corruption in the registry or incompatibility with a driver. Sometimes when you do all the windows updates and then update with a service pack this happens. The first thing to try would be cleaning the registry. There is a good free one from Advanced Systems Care. First go to www.Cnet.com/downloads and then use the search box to find it.

· Should we be using Internet Explorer 9?

Donna reports using it and has not had problems, although some things are a little different. It does have a cleaner looking screen. Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Windows XP. Sometimes it is best to wait about a year for all the bugs to be worked out before changing to new programs.

· Sometimes video clips from You Tube stop in the middle. What can be done?

This is a performance issue. You need a fast computer and internet connection. Check your internet speed on www.speedtest.com and also defrag your computer.

· What can I do about faulty flash drives?

HDDscan has a free download which will scan your flash drive and tell you if something is wrong with it. Remember not to pull out the flash drive until windows tells you to. Right click on the icon or right click on the drive itself.

· I have been using the free version of AVG antivirus and recently I declined a new AVG paid version. Now I am getting tons of spam. I use Windows Live Mail for e-mail.

Try uninstalling AVG and reinstalling it to see if it clears the problem. Also go to www.mailwashers.com for a free program which will prescreen your e-mail.

· Can you put Microsoft Word on an iPod?

Yes, but you will have to buy a separate version of it.

· How can I look up error messages?

Type the error message number into Google or use Windows Help or Office Help.

· If I have a Mac and run Windows programs on it should I have antivirus protection on both operating systems?

Yes, although the Mac part of it may be safe for now.

The Future of SNUG—A Discussion Led by Joseph McAuliffe

  • Is our meeting place here at USF having a negative effect on our attendance?

There appears to be a drop in attendance at the Friday lecture series as well as SNUG meetings now that parking is not free. Everyone agreed parking is a problem. Some people object to paying $3.00 for parking passes and even with a pass, there is no guarantee of easily finding a spot. The closest parking places are along the corner of Fletcher and Bruce B. Downs and these are not easily accessible to Westside E for everyone.


  • Should we consider holding some or all of our meetings somewhere else?

Joseph said the OLLI programs and lectures which have been moved to other venues around town have been well received. Centro Asturiano is a beautiful, historic building with ample parking and a restaurant. John Knox has been very accommodating with parking and is on Fletcher across from the university. We would be able to do PowerPoint demonstrations at both of these locations. If we move the meetings to another location, we might lose some attendees but would probably gain some as well. People are sometimes resistant to going somewhere new so we might organize carpools. This would also be appealing now that gas prices are up again.

  • What are some other ways to make the meetings appealing and increase attendance?


Have a larger presence at the OLLI open houses.

Consider marketing SNUG as having something for everyone, from beginners to advanced computer users. Often, the beginners are intimidated and think they won’t get anything out of the meetings.

Now that OLLI is teaching MAC classes, we need to appeal to those users, rather than just PC users.


As part of the SNUG meeting, and in addition to the regular program, consider having a short session (five or ten minutes) with TIPS for MAC users and TIPS for PC users.

We need to get the word out to people about SNUG, both by word of mouth, and advertising/public relations. In the past we have had articles in the small weekly newspapers. Kim Franke-Folstead of the Tampa Tribune has regularly written lovely articles about the OLLI Open House.

We discussed putting together an e-mail list of all those who have taken computer classes over a certain period of time. This way we could really target those with an interest in computers. Heidi has access to these names and addresses. Joseph will discuss with Heidi and Ara about doing this. We might make some SNUG/OLLI volunteers available to help with this. Linda Fairbanks might be able to help as she has access to addresses for the Evergreen.

Reports submitted by Gail Benton