When using the MS Word Envelope Template, you can set up your own default return address. Here’s how:   In Word 2003, go to the Tools menu and click Options. Go to the User Information tab. Not only can you enter your default mailing address, but you can also type in your name and initials precisely as you want them to appear in comments and other AutoText entries. Click OK to save your changes.

In Word 2007, click the Office Button and select Word Options way down at the bottom right of the menu. When Word Options opens, click the Advanced tab. Find the General section. You will see a box labeled Mailing Address. Type your return address there and click OK.

In Word 2010, go to the File menu and select Options. Click on Advanced in the left pane. Scroll down to the General section and type your return address into the Mailing Address box. Click OK to save your entry.

Now whenever you use a Word Envelope Template to print an envelope, postcard, or other mailing item having a return address field, the address you have set up will automatically appear.