FACUG Computer convention at sea Jan 27-31, 2011

On the Radiance of the Seas-Royal Caribbean International    

Ship very nice.

Florida Association of Computer User Groups

2010 FACUG did a cruise from Miami Norwegian Cruise Line 3 days but people went ashore instead of coming to sessions.

2011 trip left from Tampa Royal Carib. 4 days with 2 days at sea, increased attendance at sessions

East coast group fly in & dinner meeting Wed PM

Cost depends on room. $50 registration for Conference

Boarding pix & bag of goodies.

Opening speaker, Abby Stokes from NY spoke on her career of Teaching computer to Seniors…her book is called Is this thing ON Late bloomers, technophobes, & the kicking & screaming.

She included a Statistics on senior computer use & its growth

  • Those under 39 are natives in the computer world
  • Those over 39 are immigrants in the computer world
  • Her mom was able to find a long lost friend thru internet & she was hooked

Good check list on buying a computer, plain English description of parts pix

Chapter on cell phones & pads, published 2008 & of course out of date in this area

Good speaker. Over 200 websites in categories, some out of date>>>???

Streaming Sailaway broadcast live at neighborvision.com BUT we did not sail until 3 AM due to repairs.

Friday AM at sea. David 8: am

Travel man Dean LeBlanc: Using Technology to Navigate Leisure Travel

  • In checking airfare, check airlines as well as Travelocity & other sites. I have found I can phone them after I have been on their website & book without extra charge
  • Beware of charges & fees, a good price on website may not be after fees Double & luggage policy
  • Several sites Trip Advisor will allow you to put in a request for fare to a city & will email you better prices.
  • Bing is a good site to check for fare comparison, they don’t book but say where to go
  • Looking for fun?? On WWW.airfarewatchdog.com, type in “anywhere” to get good last minute deals.
  • Book your seat when you buy ticket…Seatguru.com can do it as well
  • Kayak.com/airlines-fees will let you compare
  • ALWAYS take insurance. And ASK what is covered. Cancel for any reason Also preexisting conditions 1 person in group buy ALL insurance so if 1 person can’t go others don’t have to
  • CSA good Access America and Travel Guard
  • Medicare does not cover out of country. Medivac VERY expensive. Like $250,000
  • Insurance does NOT have to be paid until final payment
  • Travel agent can often get you perks. Generally they do not get paid a fee by you..paid by travel company.
  • Booking hotel & car & flight at a website is generally cheaper than doing each separately
  • Bon Voyage

All not perfect: meetings went from 1 end of ship to the other

Some companies chose not to have a live presence. Smart Computing sent copies of mags for all but did not send a presenter. Acronis True Image backup program put flyers in the program but did not come. So did Zoom text and FileLocator Pro

Corel sent Evelyn Watts who spoke in several sessions, predominately using their photo software. Paint it & PaintShop Photo Pro to make old pix new, Also video studio pro X3. Bill Campbell also spoke on digital photog….but I don’t do that