Contributors to this site should be aware that there are many computer users who continue to use Office 2003, Office XP and earlier. This means that they may be unable to open documents, spreadsheets or powerpoints that had been prepared with more recent Office software.

If, therefore, you are circulating documents you have prepared in Word 2007 or later; Excel 2007 or later; or PowerPoint 2007 or later, please save them as .doc, .xls or .ppt/.pps respectively. Then attach them to your emails so they can be opened by all OLLI readers.

Alternatively you can save them all as .pdf files by googling “save office 2007 as .pdf” and following Microsoft’s instructions.

If you receive an occasional .docx, .xlsx or .pptx/ppsx attachment you cannot open, Microsoft has a free Compatibility Pack you can install that provides a solution to this problem. Visit for instructions.–David Henry.