Trevetta Wunderlin, our chair, opened the 18 February 2011 meeting of the Genealogy Interest Group – Ancestor Trackers.

She mentioned upcoming programs for the Florida Genealogical Society and the ImperialPolkCounty Genealogical Society. We had several new attendees and Trev introduced them and asked about their interests. We welcomed Linda Carson, John Phillips, Margot Trautman Darlene Choe and Wanda Daniel. A discussion of genealogy software programs followed. It was suggested that a program about the advantages of various genealogy software would be interesting. Trev said that we are always grateful for ideas for future programs and she handed out surveys of member interests.

OLLI member Judy Harwood talked to us about her memoir “Swimming Upriver,” about her family and growing up in Appalachia in eastern Kentucky. The first third of her book concerned her grandparents. The second third was her mother’s story and the last was about her and her brothers and sisters. Judy showed us a beautiful quilt, begun by her mother, which she is finishing. The pattern is called “Grandmother’s Garden” and each flower has a yellow center. She took an OLLI course, “Writing Your Life Story,” with Deborah Marrs. This course led her to write her book with Deborah’s editorial help. The writing took five years. She selected a print-on-demand publisher, Outskirts Press, sent them her computer file and she designed the covers and chose the font. Judy said the hardest part was the proofing, which she did twice. Three weeks after the final submission a box of books appeared on her doorstep. After that there were radio interviews and appearances at a college seminar, public libraries and book clubs. Judy credits BereaCollege for giving her and most of her brothers and sisters a chance to get an education. Lastly she told us, “All of you have a story. Everybody does.”

Respectfully submitted,

Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs