The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Chair, Kay Menzel. Those in
attendance were Jean Amuso, Marilyn Bartholomew, Doug Fairbanks, Ray Ann
Favata, Neil Harvey, Eileen Hines, Tom Joyce, Ann Reid, Bill Sapper, Nancy
Sjoberg, Nancy Stuart, and Ara Rogers, OLLI Director. Absent were: Marulou
Crawford, Lillie Johnson, Jeanette Reilly, and Pat Renfroe.

Comments from the Chair: Marulou Crawford will be taking care of family for
a time. In her absence, Eileen Hines and Nancy Sjoberg will manage the
activities of the Social Events Committee and will be filling in as needed
for MaruLou at our Board meetings. Eileen has been a member of OLLI for
over 10 years and of the Social Events Committee for three years. Nancy is
a charter member of OLLI and attended the first class on the first day.

Lillie Johnson’s daughter recently passed away. The Board will send her a

Minutes: the minutes from the October meeting were approved as distributed
by e-mail on November 11, 2010 with the correction that "repot" be changed
to "report". The Secretary will forward copies of committee reports to the
Historian along with the approved Board minutes for filing in OLLI records.

Update: Ad Hoc Committee on Board Effectiveness: Two Board positions are
coming up for election. The Nominating Committee will be named in December
and begin their work in January. Last year there were 12 candidates.
Several were very new to OLLI and had only taken one class. Many nominees
asked "what does the BOA do?" The Ad Hoc committee is working to improve
the entire process beginning with the Nominating Committee through the
election process and plans to put together a candidate packet.

Nancy Stuart presented a draft of an application for Board membership and
indicated that a packet of information including expectations of Board
membership would accompany it. This material could be downloaded once it is
finalized. Besides identifying information, questions included why the
applicant would like to serve on the Board, special skills, OLLI experience
and what previous work and volunteer experiences could relate to OLLI. The
Board discussed limiting the response to the questions to a total of two
pages. The completed application would be sent to Ara by the deadline
determined by the Nominating Committee.

Tom Joyce explained that the candidate’s packet would include information on
OLLI, how it operates, information on elections and an explanation of
absentee voting procedures. The final draft will be presented at the
December meeting for approval.

Web page: There have been several questions about the web page.
Usfseniors.org is the official web page of OLLI and OLLILifeUSF is the blog.
Evergreen is on line as is registration. It was suggested that a flyer with
this information be distributed at the coffees or at the first day of
classes. Marilyn Bartholomew discussed a page in the Carrollwood News which
gave information on OLLI that might also be of interest to the membership.

The BOA page lists the current year of office holders and the terms that are
ending: 2011 – Jean Amuso, Neal Harvey and Kay Menzel; 2012 – Tom Joyce and
Nancy Stuart. The page would also like to list Committee Chairs and terms
of office along with a head shot and short bio. It should be professional
and consistent in material presented. Personal e-mail addresses would not
be used, rather e-mails could be sent to the board member in care of an OLLI
e-mail address.

Director’s report: Ara’s report was sent by e-mail prior to the meeting.
She distributed the Winter Evergreen and encouraged registration via the

Committee Reports: Neal asked if there were any outstanding issues related
to the merger of Learning in Retirement and SeniorNet. It seems most of
the issues have been resolved and the newer members are not familiar with
the two different groups but rather see OLLI as one organization.

Ann requested the Board’s input concerning the Development Committee holding
a major conference and charging admission. She would also like suggestions
for speakers and locations.

Holiday party: Kay discussed the possibility of having the party at
Michael’s Grill on December 15 or at Beaunes Wine Bar where we have a class
scheduled on wine tasting in the winter term, The Board asked her to check
with the wine bar. More information and the date of the holiday party will
be sent by e-mail.

The next board meeting is December 10.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Amuso, Secretary