Newly purchased PCs typically come preloaded with a lot of annoying ‘junk’ software that manufacturers hope to entice you to try out. With few exceptions, most of us would like a fast and easy way to ‘decrap’ our machines. The PC Decrapifier is a free program intended to do just that.

Intended to work only with later releases of MS Windows including XP, Vista, and Windows 7, The PC Decrapifier can be found and downloaded from the supplier’s website The product is entirely free, but if you like it enough to make a small $5 donation, there is a way to do that, too.

A complete list of programs targeted by The PC Decrapifier is listed on the website. Just click on “What It Removes” on the left sidebar. When executed, The PC Decrapifier Wizard will provide you a list of all items it intends to look for and remove. If you see an item targeted that you do not wish to have removed, simply uncheck its selection box before proceeding.

Most likely, The PC Decrapifier will not find and remove all ‘junk’ software residing on your machine. However, it is a good first step in that direction.