From Kay Menzel. Ever since my email account was hijacked this summer I’m always on the look out for any internet tips to protect against fraud.   

Just recently saw some good tips in the Fall 2010 issue of USAA Magazine and would like to share with OLLI members:

“Don’t Get Scammed”

Identity Theft can take over your life, but it’s not inevitable.  Scammers prey on people who let private information slip, so don’t give them an opening.
To minimize your chances of becoming a victim of online fraud, follow these tips:

— Build complex passwords with combinations of upper-and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.
— Enter credit card information only on sites that display an “https://” in the address bar and a lock icon.
— Don’t click unfamiliar links or provide personal information in an e-mail.
— Use well-known security programs, such as those from Symantec or McAfee.
— Keep your operating system and applications updated to improve security.
— Carefully monitor your credit card and bank statements, as well as your credit report.
Shred, shred, shred.
— Reputable institutions will never ask you for personal information, such as your password, PIN or credit card numbers, in an e-mail.
And I’ll add my own tip –
— Don’t use your Mother’s maiden name as your security question.