The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by Vice-President Jim Kaehler

Jim introduced several guests; Carol Partington, Paula Wootten, June Young, John Hatfield, Jerry Hartke, Don Hague and Martha VanNeste.

Thanks were given to Lee Redford, Ray Garcia, Rose Terenzi and Nancy Sjoberg for refreshments today, and to Jim Kaehler for set-up of the beverage service and tables. Today’s 50/50 winner was Mike Cawthon.

At the next meeting (June 11) the current SNUG Board will present a slate of candidates to serve as officers during the 2010-2011 term. Voting will follow. Our speaker Bob Capellini will talk about the open source (free) software Impress, used to create presentations.

Jim introduced David Henry, who was in charge of today’s program. David began by referring to OLLI’s redesigned website, A link labeled “SNUG” has pertinent information for us and is found on the right side of the home page in the column headed “All Posts”. Other topics (e.g. PC Tips) listed there would also be of interest.

Before commencing the Q & A program, David introduced us to some new technology related products and to websites with more information about these products.

1. iPad: Major discussion was deferred, but anyone ready to buy should visit ; plus reviews from Kim Komando at

2. Help with basic typing skills:

3. Alternative pdf reader: Foxit uses 7 MB vs. Adobe’s 141 MB

4. Method to keep apps up to date from CNet – Tech Tracker: David recommends this.

5. Ink jet Refills: This topic generated much discussion; most have experienced difficulties with using refilled cartridges and now choose to buy new ones.

6. Automated backup service: Carbonite will automatically back up your hard drive for three years for $130. Kim Komando recommends this.

7. Digital TV for PCs:

8. Extremely simple PC interface designed for Seniors: Also the GO computer as advertised by AARP.

A expert panel comprised of Mike Cawthon, Charlie Croucher, David Henry, Myron Thorner and Jerry Timen took questions from the audience and moderated the discussion on the following subjects:

1. If I have several email accounts, how can I read messages sent to any of them at one of them?

2. How can I use filters to get rid of unwanted emails (Spam)?

3. How can I remove minor scratches from a CD or DVD?

4. How can I send the same email message to a very large number of addresses, such as all members of a club or of a HOA.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 and was followed by a Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Fairbanks