Members present: Bob Findorff, Steve Priest, Ann Reid, Doug Fairbanks, Carol Ann Colbert, Ara Rogers, and Lee Leavengood

Carol Ann Colbert was welcomed as a new member of the committee. She brings valuable business experience plus enthusiasm as a new member of OLLI.

Bob Findorff reported on his work on OLLI By-laws and will continue to monitor the changes

Ann Reid and Doug Fairbanks will decide on timing and content of emails to go to OLLI members concerning reminders of the Annual Fund Drive

Carol Ann Colbert suggested that a procedures manual for the Development Committee would be helpful. She, Bob Findorff and Steve Priest will produce a manual with a time line.

Estate Planning: How to Meet Your Personal and Philanthropic Goals with Kelly Ritrievi was cancelled because of lack of enrollment

Bob Findorff will work with Joseph McAuliffe to schedule a Lunch and Learn meeting, Giving and Receiving, sponsored by the Development Committee

Ann Reid will work on a page for the summer Evergreen that will include the list of donors for the Annual Fund

Members of the group stayed to help with the mailing of the letter to members on the Annual Fund Drive that will go out in late March. A letter will go to a hand-picked list of former members for an opportunity to participate in the drive.

The next meeting of the committee will be Friday, April 16, at 10:00 a.m.

Lee Leavengood

Interim Chair, OLLI Development Committee