OLLI-USF Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 am by Kay Menzel, President.  Those in attendance were Jean Amuso, Marilyn Bartholomew, Maru Lou Crawford, Shirley Deeter, Doug Fairbanks, Jay Hall, Neil Harvey, Lillie Johnson, Tom Joyce, Lee Leavengood, Betty Lucas, Lee Redford, Pat Renfroe, Bill Sapper, Ara Rogers and David Henry, guest.  Absent:  Jeanette Reilly.

Comments from the Chair:

  • The Nominating committee met in December.  Barbara Hildebrandt will chair and the committee will work in January to decide on slate of candidates and report to the Board in March.
  • The By-laws committee will meet this month to start the annual review of the by-laws and will make a decision if any revision is needed and will be presented to the Board for review.
  • We are half way through this year’s work and have appraised our progress and will begin working on future goals for the Board. Kay encouraged chairs to have their committees look at future goals as well as measure how they are doing.  She would like to discuss this at our March meeting.

Minutes: The November and December minutes were approved as e-mailed.  In an effort to be Green, minutes will be e-mailed to all Board members and the corrected minutes to be approved will be e-mailed to the Board with the meeting notice.  Board minutes will no longer be routinely copied on paper except for the Historian’s copy.

CRNCivic Software:

  • Jay Hall provided a demonstration of this web based software for skills and talents database.  It is an Internet membership record keeping system designed for Non-profit organizations.  At OLLI we may use it to track activity for instructors, volunteers, coaches, etc. as well as other development and record keeping activities.  It has a broadcast email function can be used to send information to any group as well as track what has been read.  Much of the activity we now track by hand can be done by this program. Since it is an Internet (web based) system anyone, members, volunteers, and office staff will be able to access the system from anywhere, it will no longer be necessary to come to the OLLI office to do their data input and recordkeeping work. This is a database system which has the flexibility to easily accommodate almost all of OLLI’s current and future record keeping and reporting activities. It may be possible to import existing records from both the “BigOne” database and the Informer systems thus reducing or eliminating keying in of existing records. (This will be determined during the implementation process).
  • Jay distributed handouts that cited organizations who currently use this system along with a list of its other features and functions.  There may be a $50 one time setup charge in addition to a small monthly fee if installed on an external server (ISP) . This system is Open Source Software and is free to Non-profit organizations and is constantly enhanced and updated with additional features and functions.
  • Jay suggested the committees review the material and decide how it could be of use to each committee and how they may use it in support of their OLLI activities.

Jean moved and Lee Redford seconded that we move forward to obtain this software after deciding how it will be used.  Passed unanimously.  Jay will chair the committee to implement they will be contacting OLLI members and OLLI staff for assistance and information as part of the implementation process.  The Committee will be comprised of Board members and staff.

Member Skills Survey:  Pat Renfroe reported on the final version of the member skills survey.  A planned script for the volunteer to present the survey will be included with the survey so that all material will be presented in a similar manner.  Joseph will place the survey in the class assistant’s material and the volunteer will go to the first class meeting to administer the survey.  Pat requested that Board members volunteer to also present the survey in the classes as there are quite a few classes to cover.

Policy and Procedure Manual:  Doug distributed a copy of the Policy and Procedures Manual. This should be viewed as a map of what we are doing and how it is being done.  The manual will be updated as things are changed in our processes and it will be posted on the website so that members can access it.

Director’s Report: Ara referred to her report that was sent earlier on e-mail.  We are close to 1000 members, with 982 now with more expected after the open houses. The inclusivity Committee, chaired by Charlie Delp, met with Centro Astriano this week.  They will explore the possibility of courses being offered on site as well as members of Centro Astriano joining our faculty.

Volunteer Needs Task Force: The Strategic Planning committee will talk to other committees regarding needs.  Ara and Joseph will add to the Task Force.


  • Lee Leavengood reported that the Development Committee has met and has developed a plan to educate OLLI members regarding Annual Giving. Kick off begins in January with a memo to members followed by a February letter.  In March there will be a seminar, “Leaving your Legacy.  The goal is $30,000.00.  Short term goals include educating members to contribute to the annual fund drive.  Long term goals include working more closely with the USF Foundation.

  • Bill Sapper reported on the Curriculum Committee.  We have a full roster of courses for both the January and Spring terms and six day trips are planned.  The evaluation and handbooks for faculty have been updated for OLLI and  new manuals for our computer classes have been completed. The revised Renaissance program is ready to go and the committee will now look at incorporating goals from the leadership conference for the remaining part of the year.

  • Betty Lucas reported on the Volunteer Committee.  The goals and purpose of each phase of the committee have been addressed and the change of term for “Active Volunteer” to “Volunteer Hours Standard” has been suggested.  The reporting period is from Spring Term to Spring Term.  Volunteers will be responsible for reporting their own hours.

  • Lee Redford (Social Events Committee) reported that 125 members attended the Christmas Party.  This was a great turnout although only 81 responded and there was a small shortage of refreshments.  The Mardigras party is planned for February 11.
  • Maru Lou (Member Services) reported that tea and coffee parties have been established for new members.  Calls are also being made to new members to encourage them to attend the Open Houses.  Membership recruitment will be awarding prizes to those who have recruited the most members.  Please note the September minutes where Marilyn Bartholomew indicated she would win—it doesn’t look as if she has.
  • Marilyn Bartholomew (Historian) reminded everyone to give her written copies of the reports.  She would also like pictures taken at events.
  • David Henry reported on Communications and discussed the OLLILifeUSF website which is being updated.  Documents should also be sent to David for the website.

The next meeting is on Friday, February 12 at 10:00 am.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Amuso,     Secretary