The December 18, 2009 meeting of the Genealogy Interest Group – Ancestor Trackers was brought to order by Trevetta Wunderlin.  Announcements were made regarding meetings of the Florida Genealogical Society in January, the South Bay Genealogical Society and the Pinellas Genealogical Society.

Our annual “Ancestor Show & Tell” was begun by Trevetta, who told us about her great great grandfather Morgan, a soldier in the Black Hawk War.  A Union County, Illinois historical society recently published his obituary.  He had two wives, fathered 22 children and reared three orphans.  She showed us photos of her Hartline family and passed around a book “Family Maps of Union County, IL.”  I brought a framed photograph of a drawing of the ship that my great grandfather Hinrich Friedrich Kahl sailed on when he left Germany for the United States in 1865 and a silver fork that he had owned.  Additionally, I passed around the paper I wrote about his life.

Judy Harwood showed us a book that had been given to her mother. “Reflections from a Mother’s Heart.”  Judy’s mother was unable to write many of her thoughts in the book and that inspired Judy to write and publish a book of her own memories, “Swimming Upriver:  Coming of Age in Appalachia.”

Elva Lou Currie brought us a calendar she assembled for her children that shows photos of family members and ancestors they never met.  She also shared with us her grandmother’s autograph book and told us stories of her family’s early days in Kentucky and Florida.

Irma Almengual’s story was about a Mexican grandfather who met his violin-playing bride while they were both performing in an orchestra in Tampa.  The grandfather wrote a song, “Rancho Grande,” which became famous both here and in Mexico.  The song was recorded by Dean Martin, among many others.  Sadly the marriage did not last.

Deborah Adles reminded us of the Pasco County Genealogy Society’s January program on German research.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs