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Act now before you lose it. Check out all your options in Bob Rankin’s article at http://tinyurl.com/a9vwhnj

You can watch movies online legally and for free–if you take care. To understand what is legal and how to get them, check out Bob Rankin’s article at http://tinyurl.com/8gaqq7g

Check your credit cards for an RFID logo, usually consisting of a few wavy lines. It allows you to wave the card over a special reader to make a purchase, thereby saving you the effort of swiping it through one of those old-fashioned readers. They are becoming common, especially through card renewals. To protect you against thieves who can access the radio waves and steal your identity, get a secure card holder from various local stores.–John Hallgren

 Newly sophisticated Trojan horse viruses developed in Europe are expected to pose a threat to anyone who does online banking here in the United States.–Clark Howard


Open Culture  offers an impressive list of over 500 free online college courses, in the liberal arts and sciences. Many are offered via YouTube or iTunes, in either audio or video format. A few are web-based. But wow, what a list.–Bob Rankin. (more…)

Should you pay $99 extra for a faster, cleaner PC? Check out the pros and cons at Bob Rankin’s article.

Hurrah! We won’t have to report our volunteer hours any more!


What’s involved in converting VHS tapes to DVD?  Read on…


A reminder that you can find out what’s going on at other OLLI’s around the country by visiting http://usm.maine.edu/olli/national/ and viewing the OLLI Monthly National Newsletter.

There’s an easy way to be notified whenever something new is posted to www.OLLILifeUSF . There’s now a Follow button in the bottom right corner of the window. Enter your email address there and you’ll be advised by email of any new post.—David Henry

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