There are several ways of emailing large documents, videoclips, multiple photos, etc. Check them out at Bob Rankin’s article:

Donna told us that husband Jerry is still in hospital     (more…)

ASK is a kind of malware that can mess you up. If you suffer from this annoying PUP (Pop up Program) read Bob Rankin’s What to Do piece:


Windows 7 will reach the midpoint of its support lifetime this week when it shifts from what Microsoft calls “mainstream” to “extended” support.

Minutes prepared by Florence Antoine.     (more…)

Early Tuesday morning 4 young, handsome men in uniform came to my rescue after I called 911.      


Dear OLLI friends of Marge Cuesta. 

On December 23, Marge Cuesta died peacefully with her family and friends.  Among other health problems, she had serious respiratory issues.        (more…)


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