Six baby ducks were trapped in a storm drain, and one firefighter in Slidell, Lousiana had just the right technology to save them. Cody Knecht used his cell phone to play a quack-quack ringtone, which lured the unsuspecting ducklings to safety.  Bob Rankin.


A total of 81 credit card skimmers were recovered when Florida officials inspected 6,000 gas stations for the illicit devices.      (more…)

Let’s all avoid thousands of accidents a year by not using hand held devices while driving. Check out some technical solutions:   


The meeting was called to order at 130pm by President Sherry Foecking. (more…)

Lucas Hinch was very frustrated with his laptop. So he took it into an alley and shot it eight times with a handgun, “effectively disabling it,” according to police in Colorado Springs. Hopefully other laptops will take note of this story, and behave. –Bob Rankin


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